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You Can Not Burn The Sun

A resilient man, mystic, and artmaker, Charles’ words aim at revolutionizing the imagination. Who would you be if you relentlessly pursued a world defined by LOVE? In no uncertain terms you would become a revolutionary.
This is the path Matthew has chosen.

About Me

lighter illustration mock white. Beth WolfeMatthew is a transracially adopted black man.
As a child, Matthew experienced life as if a veil covered his eyes. With such limited perspective life seemed to be quite black and white, but now as an adult, he understands that his existence was and is neither black nor white. His artwork is devoted to the exploration of the nuances of Revolution.
This concept finds it’s home at the intersection of blackness and Christian mysticism- both aimed at dismantling power structures. Both longing to cultivate love within and without. As an experienced teacher, Matthew provides a broader perspective because he has taught internationally in countries like South Africa, Tanzania, and Germany. His workshops create brave spaces for his pupils to be unlimited by hate.

In addition to being an educator, Matthew is an activist, artist, and mystic, whose pursuits center around his own learning of LOVE as justice and mercy. When Matthew isn’t teaching, you can find him on stage or with his wife, or ! promoting his debut poetry collection “You Can Not Burn The Sun.” And soon…on tour.

If you’re interested in booking Matthew to teach a workshop or perform, please email him at”

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