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There is a saying and it goes something like this, “When I is replaced with We even illness because wellness”.  In the last 6 months I have learned the importance of community. I come from a loner-esque background and was extremely worried I wouldn’t adjust to being around so many people, but I was wrong. I loved it.


(My friends and classmates the last 6 months)

Our Father taught me so much it’s made me question my whole life’s purpose (in a good way). My team, 6 girls; Kari, Corrie, Kyra, Katherine, and Tori went on outreach first to Tanzania for 3 weeks, and then to South Africa for 4 weeks. I’m going to tell you a story from each location. But first! PICTURES FROM TANZANIA YAYYYYY !!!


13234766_10154205528849570_1593599959_oTeam minus Tori headed to Tanzania. Left to Right: Katherine, Kyra, Kari, Corrie, and I (Tori joined us in South Africa)


13242202_10154207163669570_358349247_oSo we took pictures like this. Hi Tori! (Left to Right:Kari, Tori, Kyra, Corrie, Katherine, Me)


IMG_3625She shops in the Missionary Clothing aisle at Walmart.                                                             (Corrie after preaching on our first sunday in Tanzania)

13214914_10154207163099570_1088427608_oPlaying Bata Bata zinga (Duck Duck Goose) The kids loved this game!


IMG_3723 (1)Bible story time ft. Katherine in a school plus 75 kids not pictured. She’s working hard!IMG_3642
So ya gotta balance out the work with a little play! Katherine and Josiah, Elisante’s (Our host) son.

IMG_4219Brothers bonding. I love that kid ( On the way back from school ministry)

13262293_10154207149684570_1550446766_oStory time with Kyra! Elisante is to her right and is our Host and at times translator

13241651_10154207149844570_447140442_oSong and dance time!

13230787_10154205533349570_332470778_o 5 of the girls from one of the morning schools we hosted in King’ori (Tanzania)

13234802_10154207143934570_2102625001_o Five minutes later we turned that rock to pavement with a sledgehammer. And by we I mean I, but they watched so that counts for something, right

13234735_10154207146689570_1140362922_o(1)SMASH BROS. Fam? Smash Fam? uhh..   (Kyra working hard at Shalom)


13241674_10154207147254570_379394814_oWe helped out for a few days at an Orphanage called Shalom. This is Corrie with a few of the orphans

13225047_10154207146079570_1492315076_oTHUMBS UP CAUSE GOD IS GOOD! Kyra at Shalom


13234942_10154207143409570_1626299584_o(1)This kid is a treasure ( At Shalom)


13235066_10154207147554570_863922673_oA couple staff and a few of the orphans at Shalom (Karatu)

13223681_10154207140139570_56992393_oPraying for Momma Warra. She is the tremendous visionary responsible for creating Shalom orphanage. God bless her


IMG_3732   Hey lookie me and Josiah again. Right after I preached


13214540_10154207117539570_1806347416_oHappiness (After preaching at our seminar in Masailand)

13241526_10154207164419570_1316709004_owait a second..how’d this get in here…

13262324_10154207142739570_794572843_oPosing for a picture with Laseeka, a Masai man who is an Elder at the Camp of Blessing church we hosted our seminar from (also ft. Katherine, I, and Corrie)


13234690_10154207117139570_537802726_oMe speaking at Camp Blessing. Next to me are Glory,(Elisante’s sister) Elisante, and Bishop (the Bishop..idk his name so I call him Bishop..good guy that man is.. very humble)


A good 5/7th of our daily ministry was with children, hence the many children in the pictures. And while children were a huge part of Tanzania, the most impactful time was in Masailand, (the middle leg of our 3 weeks in Tanzania)where we were asked to hold a six day long seminar, preaching for two hours every day. It was very intimidating because before that I had only preached twice. In my life. And both times were the weeks before. God greatly stretched me by testing my obedience. Every day except one he called me to preach, and so I would have the morning (About 4-5 hours) to prepare my sermon for that day. It’s important to note that I was not alone. Kyra, Katherine, Kari, and Corrie were there speaking as well, but God asked me oftentimes to speak the longest. The 4th day of the seminar I was going to be speaking with Kyra. As we were preparing that morning I asked God, “What will my notes look like?” and He showed me a blank page. Now, I knew that He was asking me to go up without notes and speak, guided by His Spirit. I was nervous. I wrote a couple notes on my hand and when it was time for the service to begin, I waltzed up, quite desperately aware of just how much I needed Jesus to guide my tongue. That day I spoke for an hour, with no notes(the picture above is from that experience). I felt so assured, and so organically natural. With notes at times I felt robotic, unable to convey myself through the veil of paper I was using. But speaking without notes freed me. I’ve never felt more like myself upon a stage than in that moment. In that moment I saw that God wants to use ME. Not the carbon copy cookie cutter version of me. But the ORIGINAL me. The creative me. As I spoke I tied in many art references and ended up using art as a metaphor for life as a follower of Christ. We’re supposed to lead a life like we’re pioneering an art form: It’s brand new.  The experience was humbling. I saw in a glimpse who I am in relation to my Father in heaven.


Who am I?

I’ll write about that (and other stuff) in my next update which will be about our time South Africa.


Thanks for reading! And thanks for your prayers and support of me in my journey!


Praise Reports:

-DTS is over!

-I’m back home

-I’m figuring out what my next step is


Prayer Requests:

-DTS is over, I’m back home, and figuring out what my next step is. I need Father’s guidance and assurance.

-My twin is quite possibly going to prison for a couple years. Hearing in September. Pray that God’s will is done. And that whatever happens this becomes a season where he builds his dependance on Him in Heaven.

-My mom. Physical strength. Spiritual fortitude. Continued seeking of God’s will in her life.


God is good! ALL THE TIME. All the time, GOD IS GOOD. And that’s His nature WOW.



P.S If you’d like to contact me personally my email address is followapollo@hotmail.com



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