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lighter illustration mock white. Beth WolfeBorn in Kentucky but transracially adopted as an infant alongside his twin, matthew spent his early life in Oregon. Raised racially marooned, matthew had no models for Black existence outside of his twin and Hip-Hop, and this is what eventually drew him to the Creative life- having had a formative moment centered on Hip-Hop at age 13. At age 18 matthew was recording music in Saint Louis and he felt a shifting strain in his vocal chords, and somehow (doctors at the time had no explanation) lost his voice for 3 years, being barely able to talk above a whisper. This disability is what changed his creative practice from Rap to Poetry.

matthew worked in the nonprofit sector in his early-mid 20’s, and in doing so, gained experience teaching in places such as the States, South Africa, Mexico, Cyprus, Germany, Egypt, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Tanzania. In addition to being an educator, matthew is a mystic, Poet, podcaster, sometimes actor, and husband.  His debut poetry collection “You Can Not Burn The Sun” was published in 2020, and is currently sold out,  and you can listen to his podcast “little did u know” on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

for booking, please email matthewcharlespoet@gmail.com”

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